Chrysler International PAIS4

Chrysler International PAIS4 | 7.84 GB

Chrysler International EPC is the electronic parts lookup system that allows user to easily find OE part numbers. This program has VIN decoding and filtering that allows to only displays vehicle-specific parts information. Chrysler International EPC contains information for all non-US Chrysler models of 1984 - 2009 model years.

Chrysler International PAIS Features:
* VIN decoding and filtering displays vehicle-specific parts information.
* Monthly price book information for fewer errors (distributor pricing only).
* Year, model, group and figure indexes.
* Shortcuts save time for experienced users.
* Instant access to your in-house inventory system.
* Capacity to customize parts data by adding your own notes.
* Online help screens minimize new user training time.
* Print high-quality text and illustrations.