Vienna Symphonic Library Pro Edition (Disk 11) | 4.34 GB GB

Vienna Symphonic Library - orchestral sample library of unprecedented sonic dimension. For the first time ever, a full range of modern symphony orchestra has been specifically designed for the stringent requirements of the orchestra.
This revolutionary tool allows playing techniques such as true legato and repetition of this orchestra, which are key in creating a unique and real audio library, and is unparalleled in any other standard libraries. The first edition was released in early 2003, and after spending only a few months on the market, the library has already received recognition and admiration in the press and has been applied to the outstanding music organizations, affirming the concept of this vast library. FIRST EDITION is offered as an alternative lower cost to the larger, more comprehensive Pro Edition. With more than 360.000 contains more than data. Vienna Symphonic Library Pro Edition more than usual, the most far-reaching types of libraries ever created.
Pro Edition replaces the tools already included in the first edition with many new expressive possibilities,
and expanded with completely new instruments and methods of play.

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