Quadspinner Master Class: "Los Angeles" Limited Edition DVD | 2.51 GB
If you couldn't attend the event, this DVD will give you the opportunity to raise the bar of your own mastery and portfolio with instructor Dax Pandhi's wealth of experience, techniques, and breakthrough perspectives. The blend of technology and artistry will boost your understanding of the software and inspire you with newfound potential.

About QuadSpinner

Creator of 3D products and tutorials, QuadSpinner is considered by users and critics to be the best source of learning for realism in Vue. Dedicated to simplistic innovation, inherent value, and dramatic realism, QuadSpinner was founded to make valuable knowledge and progressive assets available to everyone at affordable prices.


Revered Vue expert, teacher, and author of Realism in Vue, Dax Pandhi will share his secrets and cutting-edge techniques on how to achieve photorealistic results in Vue. He will also reveal invaluable steps to reduce render times and budget challenges without compromising quality. In addition, Dax will open the floor to questions and real-work scenarios. We want you to leave with an arsenal of practical information, insights, and methods.

This advanced class is geared to dispel misconceptions about Vue that are commonly held in the industry, as well as address mistakes often made. The material will help studios optimize creative direction and technical resources, empowering both the artist and production team.

Our Master Class is highly recommended for matte painters, visual effects artists, 3D modelers, game/realtime designers, and environment & concept artists.

This Limited Edition DVD contains:

- Complete 6+ hours of educational segments from the Master Class in HD/1080p

- Advanced walkthroughs + deconstructions:
Volcano terrain design with Vue + World Machine
Advanced cloud control
Cloud zones + stacking
Complex material creation
Waterscape scene with coral reef
Optimizing EcoSystems for 10x faster renders

- Complete slide deck and video collection
- High resolution renders shown and created in the class
- Limited Edition scenario-specific render profiles
- Limited Edition HyperTerrain collection
- Applies to Vue 8.5 and higher, cloud specific segments apply to Vue 9.5 only


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