Maps IGO 8.3 * Q3 from Europe (12/2011)

Maps IGO 8.3 * Q3 from Europe (12/2011) | 1.84 GB

iGO allows faster and easier to find the required items. Regardless of whether you use it you on the busy city streets or in the countryside, iGO will always show the correct path. In this set includes just released maps for iGo Europe third quarter.
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Series cards are not compatible with 8.3.xxxxx 8.0.xxxxx and earlier. Files *. ftr *. fpa *. fda *. fbl - must be the same version and same manufacturer, otherwise even if the license is inactive content. Poi and buildings (poi, 3dc, 3dl) suitable for any card from any manufacturer. If a folder to put a few different cards in one country, iGO will choose the most up to date and will work with it, the remaining cards will be ignored. If this is necessary to switch between the cards, you should use a skin with a built-mapchanger.


The directory structure distribution
BUILDING - contains files 3D buildings and landmarks in the formats and strana.3dc strana.3dl
MAP - map files strana.fbl, strana.hnr routes, traffic information strana.fda, truck, additional addressing strana.fpa (for kartomenyatelya taken further to create directories map_nt (card Navtek map_ot and for others).
PHONEME - phoneme TTS for, tour videos gorod.phr
POI - points of interest, the objects in the form of strana.poi