Mac OSX 10.7 Final Release (Build 11A511) 10.7.2

Mac OSX 10.7 Final Release (Build 11A511) 10.7.2 Combo Update
Size: 3.6 GB 363 MB

Apple has seeded the golden master version of OS X Lion to developers ahead of its public release sometime this month (July). The golden master download is available from Apple???s Mac Developer website. The build number is 11A511. In addition, Apple has seeded Developer Preview 7 of Xcode 4.1.

OS X Lion brings many innovations from iOS including home screens (called Launchpad in Lion), autosaving, full screen application interfaces, and auto resume in apps. This is in addition to native support for the Mac App Store, Mission Control, an all new email client, built-in FaceTime, and interface and feature improvements through out the operating system. Lion also includes AirDrop file sharing, multi-user remote computer access, and Find my Mac (through iCloud).

The GM is identical to the current retail. It you currently run a leaked copy of the GM, I'm sure Apple would appreciate it if you were to launch App Store and BUY Lion, but there is no technical reason to do so, merely moral ones....

Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 Combo Update

Mac OSX 10.7 Final Release (Build 11A511) 10.7.2 Combo Update

We???ve just received a tip that OS X Lion 10.7.2, a combo update, is available for Mac developers in Apple???s developer site. While the OS isn???t available on the regular Mac portal, it???s available as a direct link within the iCloud for Lion beta section. No word on what updates or changes will be in OS X Lion 10.7.2.