Sescoi WorkNC G3 19.10 G3 19.10 (2010, MULTILANG, RUS)

Sescoi WorkNC G3 19.10 G3 19.10 (2010, MULTILANG, RUS) | 640MB

WorkNC CAD / CAM - is an advanced software tools forming trajectories for planar and three-dimensional models of manufacturing molds, dies and tooling.

WorkNC is an optional software automation of manufacturing processes that will enhance any system design and manufacturing improvements through amazing automatic features, reliability and ease of use.

Automated software functions allow operators to WorkNC with minimal experience with CAD-systems in just a few minutes automatically create a toolpath. Experienced users of any CAD-systems quickly appreciate useful and unique opportunities available in the program WorkNC. Whether it is industrial building or a project office, the system will provide unmatched WorkNC reliability and quality.

Version: G3 Build 19.10
Compatibility with Vista: Unknown
Compatible with Windows 7 compatible

System requirements:

-- Minimum required configuration
-- Processor: Intel Xeon (2.66Ghz, 1066Mhz, 2 Cores)
-- Operating system: Windows XP Pro (SP3), Vista Pro (SP2) or Windows 7 Pro 32 Bits (SP1) (*)
(NT4 is not supported by WorkNC V21)
-- Graphics card: Minimum 256 Mb DDR3 with Open / GL compatibility (**)
-- Processor Nvidia Quadro recommended
-- Hard disk: 160 Go disk space Hard disk 7000 rpm
-- Screen: 17''Monitor minimum resolution 1280x1024
-- RAM: 4 G DDR3 1066Mhz
-- Language: Multilingual (Russian available)
-- Medicine: Present