Navitel Navigator for Android

Navitel Navigator for Android | 4.7 GB

Navitel Navigator - a unique and accurate navigation system that includes a free service Navitel.Probki, information about the cameras observing the traffic police (SPEEDCAM), three-dimensional model of road junctions and important buildings architecture. In the presence of a huge database of useful objects POI. Users are also available to the official detailed maps of Ukraine and Belarus, with the support service Navitel.Probki throughout the maps.
- Simple, intuitive interface and customizable.
- Voice of reference for automatically created route.
- Warning system places increased attention (SPEEDCAM).
- Level-crossings, "speed bumps".
- Automatic selection of time zone.
- Path length, time, motion and speed.
- Record your tracks and waypoints.
- Export / import tracks.
- Export / import routes.
- Export tracks to routes.
- Direction of movement to a given point with the prediction of arrival time.
- Ability to control the program without the stylus.
- Ability to select voices from the 3-voice packets.
- Ability to select skin file.
- Ability to use informal cards.

What's new in Navitel for Android:
Support for Android 3. Now you can use the navigation software to Android and 3 plates. Before buying the license, install and test the software in trial mode on your device.
The new test mode. Navigator allows you to test Navitel before purchasing a license for 30 days without limitations on functionality or size cards. For the 30-day trial mode all the official maps Navitel. Download a free trial card can be from the section DOWNLOAD site
Dynamic POI. The new service Navitel Navigator, which will also recognize additional relevant information about the various points of POI. All users can now receive relevant information about the price of fuel at filling stations and showtimes in theaters, and much more. For more information about the dynamic point of POI need access to the Internet navigation device. At the moment all users can receive relevant information about the following POI:
Cinema: KaroFilm, 5 stars, Formula Kino;
Gas station: Lukoil.
The new filter POI. Prompt the user the most flexible and simple settings for displaying the map of any POI or points of each different type of POI. Which POI display on the map and on what scale - is now set up easily and quickly!
New search for points of POI «NEXT." With the filter interface and updated POI search points of interest "Nearest". Now search for all categories of POI, or only on selected groups of points, it makes it easier and faster.
Improved analysis of the maneuvers in the construction of routes, including using the service Navitel.Probki;
Improved voice prompts. Excluded stuttering even on devices with low productivity.
A 50% increased speed of the program "Navitel Navigator";
Fixed bugs of previous version, including user feedback from the official forum Navitel.

Central Federal District:
Center for the Federal District - Moscow
Belgorod region
Bryansk Region
Vladimir Region
Voronezh Region
Ivanovo region
Kaluga region
Kostroma region
Kursk Region
Lipetsk region
Moscow region
Ryazan Region
Smolensk region
Tambov region
Tver region
Tula Region
Yaroslavl Region
Federal city of Moscow

Northwestern Federal District:
Center of the Federal District - St. Petersburg
Republic of Karelia
Komi Republic
Arkhangelsk Region
Vologda Region
Kaliningrad region
Leningrad Region
Murmansk region
Novgorod Region
Pskov Region
City of St. Petersburg
Nenets Autonomous District

Volga Federal District:
Center of the Federal District - Nizhniy Novgorod
Republic of Bashkortostan
The Republic of Mari El
Republic of Mordovia
The Republic of Tatarstan
Udmurt Republic
Chuvash Republic
Kirov region
Nizhny Novgorod region
Orenburg region
Penza Region
Samara Region
Saratov Region
Ulyanovsk region

Southern Federal District:
Center of the Federal District - Rostov-on-Don
Republic of Adygea
Republic of Kalmykia
Krasnodar Territory
Astrakhan region
Volgograd Region
Rostov Region

North Caucasus Federal District:
Center of the Federal District - Pyatigorsk
Dagestan Republic
Republic of Ingushetia
Kabardino-Balkar Republic
Republic of North Ossetia - Alania
Chechen Republic
Stavropol Territory

Urals Federal District:
Center for the Federal District - Ekaterinburg
Kurgan region
Sverdlovsk Region
Tyumen Region
Chelyabinsk Region
Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District

Siberian Federal District:
Center for the Federal District - Novosibirsk
Altai Republic
The Republic of Buryatia
The Republic of Tuva
The Republic of Khakassia
Altai Territory
Trans-Baikal Territory
Krasnoyarsk Territory
Irkutsk Region
Kemerovo Region
Novosibirsk Region
Omsk Region
Tomsk Region

Far East Federal District:
Center for the Federal District - Khabarovsk
The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Primorsky Krai
Khabarovsk Territory
Amur Region
Magadan Region
Sakhalin Region
Jewish Autonomous Region
Chukotka Autonomous District

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