Vin Diesel : Wheelman (PC/FullIso/Multi)

Vin Diesel : Wheelman (PC/FullIso/Multi)
Game Platforme(s) : PC | Language : Multi (5) | Release Date : Mar 24, 2009
Publisher : Ubisoft | Developer : Tigon | Genre : Driving/Moderne Action | Size : 7.40 Gb

It seems to be a prime time for Vin Diesel with several computer games including Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena released recently. Today we are taking a look at Wheelman, a game much closer to what you would expect from the musclebound anti hero if you went to the cinema to see his latest film. It is all about fast cars, lovely looking women and plenty of weaponry. The mainstream press have slated this recently, but I find it quite enjoyable!
Vin Diesel plays Milo Burik, an undercover policeman from Miami who is in Barcelona to deal with the Catalonian underworld. He does so by getting a name for himself as an expert driver with a mastery of all vehicles from bikes to trucks. This basically gives you an excuse to drive around, kick some ass and wreck the city in any way you want. There are insane stunts, slow motion take downs and flying carjacks on the motorway. As you get used to the game you begin to see how much fun it can be and that Vin Diesel is a very versatile character capable of handing out a ton of pain in a variety of ways. Midway Studios Newcastle appear to be onto an interesting concept because while many have unfavourably compared this to GTA the focus is mainly about solving your problems from behind the seat of whatever vehicle you happen to be behind at the time.

If you want to take people out in other vehicles you can use the right mouse button and motions to sideswipe them until their car is in critical condition and they explode, or you can use your guns to take out their fuel tanks, tires ... as well as the people themselves inside. You can do this with a simple lock system or you can earn enough speed boost to enable you to use a bullet time style slow mo mode called Cyclone or Aimed Shot to take them out in only a few shots. Car jacking is a brilliantly fun mechanic and it only works against the general populace or on missions in specific situations. You hold down the right mouse button until an icon above the vehicle in front changes from red to green, let it go and wham Vin Diesel jumps onto the roof, slams through a window, takes control and drives off as if nothing had happened. This is particularly useful if your car or bike is damaged and you need to quickly change to a fresh set of wheels without stopping.

Vin Diesel is a gamer because he has his own game company and it is clear when he came up with this game that he said "let the players have as much fun as possible and wreck everything" because frequently on the missions there are shells of destroyed vehicles everywhere. The side missions however are rather weak and repetitive and it was only almost when I had finished the game that I decided to play through as many as I could. You do the same things in various parts of the city, just normally in a slightly different environment with a slightly different time limit.

The car combat entertained me for quite a time and even though while I knew it wasn't 'awesome' something about this game just appealed to me from start to finish. Cyclone and Aimed shot are novel ideas and work great in the contexts of the game especially when you see Vin Diesel spinning around in his seat and shooting out the engine of a pursuing car. Sideswiping is the only aspect of the car combat which didn't really work for me, but I was able to forgive it because I was having a lot of fun in the primary missions. The AI isn't wonderful and it is quite obvious when you are pursuing someone and you fall behind to realise that their icon has almost stopped to let you catch up a little. Equally so, the frustration is high when you are trying to escape only to have the enemies never give up and never fall behind no matter how hard you try and how many of them you seem to take out. This also happens in the secondary street races which is a little silly.

Setup Instruction

1- Extract Rar File
2- Mount ISO file with DAEMON Tools (Or whatever)
3- Click "Setup.exe" to Instal the Game
4- Copy All Content "Crack" Folder to the Folder Game Directory
5- Play & Have Fun .................... Enjoy ;)



Minimum System Requirements

* Os : Windows Xp/Windows Vista
* Processor : CPU Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHz / AMD Athlon 2.4 GHz
* Memory : 1 GB Of RAM (1.5 GB for Vista)
* Video Card : 256 MB 3D DirectX 9.0c Compatible (Nvidia GeForce 7800 / ATI Radeon X1800)
* Sound Card : Compatible with DirectX 9.0c
* HDD : 15 GB Free Space Drive
* DirectX : DirectX 9.0c
* Keyboard/Mouse
* CD/DVD-ROM Drive

Recommanded System Requirements

* Os : Windows [email protected]
* Processor : CPU Intel Core2Duo T7700 2.4 GHz / Opteron Dual Core 175
* Memory : 2 GB Of RAM
* Video Card : 512 MB 3D DirectX 9.0c Compatible (Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS / ATI Radeon X800 GTO)
* Sound Card : Compatible with DirectX 9.0c
* HDD : 15 GB Free Space Drive
* DirectX : DirectX 9.0c
* Keyboard/Mouse
* CD/DVD-ROM Drive

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