Starring Johnny Hazzard, Tyler Riggs, Benjamin Bradley, Tommy Ritter, Jan Fischer, Kevin Brown, Shane Rollins, Marcus Iron, Pete Ross, Jacob Slader and Joey Jay.

Directed by Chi Chi LaRue.

"Wrong Side of the Tracks" is superb, director Chi Chi LaRue's best of 2005. The kudos go to LaRue and a splendid cast and crew, headlined by Johnny Hazzard, an incredible presence, and a wonderfully handsome man who is at once macho and pretty. The production values are polished with clever flourishes throughout that tie the scenes and such together in a slick and well-thought-out manner. This is a James Dean-like tale (just think of Johnny as the misunderstood small-town youth in "Rebel Without a Cause"). But Johnny is unabashedly gay, and serves up melodrama, butthole and erections in equal measure.