New designed Yongnuo Flash Speedlite YN-565EX is released now, it's a flash like YN-560 with the features of the YN-468, plus some huge upgrades on the new YN-565 making it a much more capable tool for digital flash photography, both in the camera hot shoe and in wireless mode.
1), Supporting Canon and Nikon Wireless TTL Slave Mode
YN-565EX supports both Canon and Nikon wireless TTL modes in parallel, which means you have a cross-brand compatible Flash Speedlite now when it comes to the wireless slave mode.
a), It can receive wireless signal from Canon system as well as Nikon system at the same time.
b), It can just only receive wireless signal from Canon system, avoiding Nikon System
c), It can just only receive wireless signal from Nikon system, avoiding Canon System
Under the wireless TTL slave mode ( Off camera ), YN-565 can be fired by Canon 580EX II, Nikon SB-900, SB-800, SB-700 and Canon 7D, 60D, 600D with built-in commander mode, Nikon Camera with C-commander and ST-E2
Note: Any flash exposure compensation, FEB, FE lock, manaul flash, and stroboscopic flash setting which be set with the master unit will be automatically transmitted to YN-565EX.
2), TTL Flash with very powerful guide number
GN58 @ ISO100, 105mm, support TTL, M, Multi mode
3), Being fired via multiple ways
via master flash on camera, camera with built-in commander mode,optical S1 and S2
4), Auto and manual zoom functions
Has a 24-105mm focal length, supports full-frame / half-frame camera
5), Full support TTL Functions
FEC, FEB, Rear-curtain sync, FE lock, Modeling Light, Menu Access of Canon camera
6), Higher Speed of Charging Recycle
It only takes 3 seconds to finish a charging cycle after a full level output, you can even use external power pack to accelerate the charging speed.
7), Advanced Features
a), Charging Socket for External Flash Pack ( You can buy Yongnuo SF-18 C or SF-17 C )
b), PC Port ( You can buy 3.5mm PC Sync Cable to fit for it )
c), Sound Prompt System --- Different sound stands for different working status,it's more convenient for you to operate.
8), Modeling Light Function
Under the function of depth-of fired preview in Camera, YN-565 will provide one more second continuous light.
9), Advanced Setting and Automatic Saving Setting, Overheating Protection.
10), Wireless Sensor
11), LED Display and Metal version Hot shoe.
Advanced Application:
1. Ultra-Long-Range Wireless flash ( Indoor : 25m, ourdoor: 15m )
2. Flash Exposure Compensation
3. Rear-Curtain Sync
4. FEB
5. FE Lock
6. Advanced Setting
7. The use of external Flash Pack
8. High-Speed continuous Shooting
9. Reflection Flash
10.Using Reflection Board to take photoes
11.Use wide-angle Diffuser
Suitable Camera and Flashes in Wireless TTL Slave mode:
Camera: Canon 7D, 60D, 600D
Flash: Canon 580EX II, Nikon Nikon SB-900, SB-800, SB-700
Suitable Camera in TTL function:
Canon 5D II 30D 40D 50D 350D 400D 450D 500D 550D 600D 1000D 1100D
Canon Rebel XS XSi XTi T1i T2i T3
Suitable Camera in S1 / S2 mode:
Any DSLR camera with standard hot shoe
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