The time has come
This mask has become too tight to be removed.
In that mirror nothing can be seen but a shadow

If my life continues this way, I'll soon die alive.

Do I need to have something?

I just long for a warmth. Yes, a warmth of love and happiness. A warmth that heats the darkest, coldest corner of my heart.

I can walk. I can run. I can swim in this sea of insanity to find it. Yes, of course, I know I can.

But I am too scared to make this through

The true sea has turned me away

My mind is now weak and unblessed
My life is sick and sad
And my heart, filled with darkness
What can I do now?
May the mirror help ?
"Why do you keep staring at the mirror? There's nothing in it! , but a shadow
Whose figure can exist in such over-condensed matters?
It Sounds impossible!
But it's real, it's real. In shape of a shadow, the hungry beast haunts you every night.
It's your own reflection
Now, you have found the truth - that you are not hu-man! Then, what would you do? Deny yourself? Bear a cross around the neck and pray for Christ to bless you again?
So ridiculous
Come nigh me, and I'll whisper in your ear a secret that you should know: You were lost!!
Your love is forlorn like leaves on a tree.
It will drop
And you will die
None shall mourn for a dead, hungry beast
So just be a beast
Don't hope
Don't love
be lost
it's the beast that haunts you but it's it that keeps you alive. Hearken to my words, they are but true. If you leave it now, you will be nothing in this world save a shadow.
Hearken to me"
These voices sound again from the darkness around me. Slowly, they taint my mind to the deepest sorrow on earth.
Oh Heavens!!
What am I made of?
A beast?
A beast?
But what is my true self? I can't define!! No!
"Just be a beast"
That's what it counselled me to be. Must I be a beast?
The floor is cold. And the night comes denser.
I turn away from the mirror which keeps staring at me (or I just keep staring at it).

As I move, My eyes are dried by this desert of loneliness.
I can cry no more.
that warmth was lost forevermore.
No more tears can be left in this funny world. Just pain, sands, and a dark rain.
Ok then, I'll wear my mask, live my life and be a beast.

A mask I wear.
A beast I am.
A double-faced carnivore will I be forevermore.
(Death is too light, just find something heavier to try)