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Chủ đề: I'll keep on loving you, my love.

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    glacialgin Guest

    Mặc định I'll keep on loving you, my love.



    I've been waiting for the time
    waiting for you to say you're mine
    can't hide these feelings inside.
    Let me hold you tonight
    I really want you to know
    all these feelings I have to show
    how much I've been loving you.
    Tell me you'll be mine!

    Gonna love you, keep on loving you dear.
    I will love you till the end of time
    I'll be with you no matter what happens.
    I'll be there by your side.
    I will hold you, hold you here in my arms.
    I will promise I wont let you go.
    Stay with me, make all our dreams come true!

    I will give you all I have
    'cause you mean the whole world to me.

    I will love you with my heart
    and we'll never apart.
    Lần sửa cuối bởi glacialgin; 02-04-2010 lúc 02:54 AM

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