Spanish Obsessions

Year: 2004

Country: Spain

Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Rimming, Big Dick, Group, Cumshot, Young Man

Duration: 1:51:00

Directed by: Jean-Marc Prouveur

Studio: Liquid London

Starring: Joao da Luz, Patrick Rodriguez, Marlon Abdala, Victor Campos, Alberto de la Havana, Mario Perez, Lee Jaguar, Simone de Jesus, Giovanni Carreras

Description: In Barcelona German Lee Jaguar dreams of sex. In the apartment where he lives with the extremely well endowed Simone De Jesus, he imagines that the latter is fucking with sensual Giovanni Carerras. When he wakes up, Lee leaves town to explore the surrounding forest ..... and to be deep fucked. Hands stuck to the ruined walls, legs wide apart, Lee is truly sodomised by a rough lad he encountered a few minutes before. A disagreeable surprise is in store though because, after cumming, the lad runs away with his wallet. Lee hitchhikes back to the apartment where Simone is with the sublime Victor Campos. Watching a porn film they cuddle and then fuck each other until they are covered with spunk. Before returning to his room, Lee spies on muscular Joao Da Luz sucking and fucking with fervour the beautiful Mario Perez. But is it reality or just fantasies? Lee leaves the apartment to go to a photo studio where Victor and the very hot Patrick Rodriguez and Marlon Adbella await for him to begin an orgiastic finale. Super sexy models and some glorious fuck scenes make this film the crudest from Liquid London so far.

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