Fuck Buddies 1

Year: 2005

Country: Czech Republic

Genre: Oral, anal, group, 18-20, bareback

Duration: 2:05:23

Translation: No

Directed by: Unknown

Studio: MaXXXimus Entertainment / Dolphin Entertainment

Cast: sweet Czech boys, our brothers Slavs (names unknown)

Description: Fuck Buddies, from Maxxximus, features seven action-packed scenes all sharing one common link: stunning Czech boys with long, uncut, cum-filled cocks. There's nary a weak link here. Whether the action is in the bedroom, shower or locker room, the action sizzles. Condoms are absent in some scenes.

In one of the best pairings, a couple of brown-haired twinks exchange oral favors on a bed before the baby-faced one with long locks begins pounding his friend bareback. If you like penetration shots, you'll love the well-lit shots of this kid's lengthy, unsheathed rod sliding in and out of his young pal's ass. They also get into the most unusual position here, with the bottom on his back but with the top facing away from him. His cock pops out, pointing skyward, just before he shoots all over the buns below.

In a locker room, a lanky brunet keeps his jockstrap on while fingering himself. A sexy blond spies on him from across the room. Blondie eventually joins in, first munching on the brunet's tasty ass, before delivering a powerful standing fuck. The top ends up with frothy cum on his lips after a thick load is sprayed across his face and in his mouth.

In the first of two shower four-ways, a hot bottom gets rimmed on the shower floor as he sucks on two cocks waving in his face. He straddles one of the hot cocks beautifully before he jumps on the other one sidesaddle. In the second four-man shower romp, the boys pair off. A stunning brunet plows a blond while standing. Meanwhile, the other two do it sideways on the floor. Ample cum is sprayed across cheeks, tongues and chests.

An excellent choice for fans of young men, this is a top-notch batch of scenes filled with great messy facials and built twinks who will keep your dick twitching and your balls throbbing.

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