Right on the Track

Year: 2002

Country: Hungary

Genre: gay, plot based, sport, jocks, hunks / studs, hardcore

Duration: 1:28:28

Directed by: Ginetto Di Masolo, Elek Roland

Studio: Cadro Films

Starring: Carlos, Antonio, Paulo, Akos, Steven, Andras Badkai, Atlant, Mishany, Ference, Adriano, Wagner, Roberto Szal, Cesar, Peti, Sonyi, Viktor, David Lasz, Akos Tot, Mike Kub, Black Jack, Don Camillo, Denrico


Running can be an exhausting sport. But, when these athletic guys fall behind, it’s their fellow runners that stop and help them, and boy! Can these guys help each other! Things can really get sticky between teammates. These guys ... Full Descriptionare definitely real athletes!

This is the only Andras Badkai video. Stars also making their debut in this video: Mike Kub, David Lasz, Roberto Szal, Akos Tot.

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