Bistro Boys

Year: 2003

Country: Czech Republic

Genre: Twinks, Oral, Anal, Bareback, Rimming

Duration: 1:43:47

Directed by: Petra Dudova

Studio: Hot Desert Knights Productions - HDK Intl.

Cast: Reesty Love, Aron, Sam Jeferson, Sagvan, Reny T., Lucky Long, Max Gold, Rodrigo Poerta

Description: The following review, and the above time and ratings, are for the VHS version of this movie and may vary in this DVD version.

Hot Desert Knights has established itself as a premier producer of bareback gay porn, often showing off butch masculine American men doing the nastiest things that men in heat can do. With Bistro Boys, HDK ventures into bareback sex among some very young Europeans. These boys are big dicked and luscious. As with most porn, some of the men are voracious animals, and others are simply "there".

The first scene features Sam Jeferson paired up with blond Reesty Love. They don't look a day over 20. They suck each other off fairly nicely, but when it comes to rimming, Reesty is very tentative. Reesty bottoms for Sam, and there are some very nice close-ups of Sam's bare cock spreading open Reesty's tight ass lips. Sam cums on Reesty's ass cheeks and crack and licks up the cum, feeding some of it to Reesty. Reesty, who during the fuck had some erection problems, manages a hardon and jerks off, hitting Sam in the face.

The next scene sizzles. Aron is a hungry cocksucker, especially since the darker-skinned Lucky Long sports a hugely THICK slab of uncut meat. Lucky stands with one leg on a chair while Aron gets underneath him to get face-fucked and to eat his ass. Lucky then starts fucking Aron, and it's a sight to behold: Lucky's thick cock pistoning in and out of Aron's tight boy hole. Lucky then pulls out and feeds his cock to Aron some more. Aron then rides that cock cowboy, and again, it's beautiful watching Aron's smooth ass bouncing around on that horse dick. Lucky pulls out to spew a load onto Aron's hole, and then Aron swiftly sticks the cum-covered cock back inside him. Lucky tentatively licks Aron's hole at this point, although the rimming was much too reserved. Aron spills his seed onto Lucky's chest and licks up the cum, and Lucky finishes cleaning off Aron's cock.

Next up, big-dicked Max Gold and Rodrigo Poerta suck each other's cocks. Max even rims Rodrigo's hole. The real fun begins when Rodrigo rides Max's cock, only because Max is so large. They fuck in a variety of positions before they recline back to jerk off their meat.

The final scene pairs off Reny T. and Sagvan. Reny fingers Sagvan's hole and sucks on his dick before using a smallish dildo on Sagvan's hole. Reny then uses his own cock, and they fuck in a variety of positions. With them on lying on their sides, the fucking is very well shown. Reny cums on Sagvan's asshole and then plows his cock back in. Sagvan gives Reny a facial, feeding him the cum with his fingers and tongue as the scene ends in some sloppy kissing.

All in all, a good feature. It certainly doesn't have the heat or passion of some other HDK videos, although the Aron-Lucky pairing is quite fun to watch. Twink-lovers and those into bareback (and especially guys into barebacking twinks) will spill plenty of loads watching this one.

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