Bulls Eye

Year: 2008

Country: Czech Republic

Genre: Anal / Oral Sex, Twinks, Big Balls, Big Cocks, Cumshot, Sucking, Rimming

Duration: 2:23:16

Directed by: Danny Ray

Studio: Studio 2000


Lou Devane, Erik Haaz, Roger Gharney, Roy McTurk, Evan Cook, Peter Sharp, Meghan Peaks, Randy Scott, Larry Sims, Lauren Mork


Studio 2000 and director Danny Ray explode on the scene again with Bullseye. Ten of Studio 2000's hottest male models are paired in five scorching scenes. Each scene ends with a huge cumshot on a freshly-fucked asshole. Talk about a BULLSEYE! And the models know how to use their tongues to clean up their own mess!

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