Internat anno 1900 Vol.2

Year: 2005

Country: Germany

Genre: Young & Fresh, European, Bareback, No Condoms

Duration: 1hr 29min 38s

Director: Rolf Hammerschmidt

Studio: Man's Best

Starring: Giorgio D'Napoli, Kristian Jensen, Rene D'Lamore, Peter Azur, Nano, Pavel Kant, Peter Landren, Roman Tiber, Marcus Jansen, Ludwig Beck, Joachim Kroll, Marcel Haig

Description: The boarding scool is approaching mid-term, but the horny lads don't seem to care. They just keep on fucking and sucking anywhere and anytime.

A 5-way outdoors on the jungle gym starts the action that never ends, culminating in an eight-man orgy in a bunk room. An all-time classic from Man's Best!

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