Year: 2009

Country: Swiss

Genre: gay, fetish: jeans, pissing; plot based, smooth rape, safe sex, studs

Length: 00:58:20

Studio: EB-Video

Starring: Ren Adams, Alex, etc.

Description: PISS-HEAVEN EB-6 content:

This release of EB-Video is surely one of the hottest and steamiest spots in waterspots-porn. Nine guys from Europe plus US Ren Adams are experiencing a piss-reunion of it?s kind.

Ren, travelling Germany via the "Autobahn" meets a hungarian helping hand while having a car breakdown. Not only does he find his relief in pissing his guts out, the boy also knows how to fix a car with a surprising tool! Since this parking place seems to be a meeting point for guys in need, they both show up later at night to pissparty in the public toilet-hut. Fucking and pissing makes their night. Piss-Star Alex joins them ... Next sight seeing point is the sex-and videoshop "Heaven" in Frankfurt where Ren Adams meets more young men who need a good fucking and pissing. Every corner of this joint seems to be filled with the air of hot studs

willing to give and take. On a pinball-machine, in the toilet-room, even in the video-cinema young good looking men fucking, giving head and more ... piss-cum!

File size:581 MB

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