Year: 2007

Genre: Hunks, Outdoor, Anal, Oral, Group, Train, GangBang

Length: 3:18:37

Translation: No

Russian subtitles: none

Director: Kristen Bjorn

Studio: A Kristen Bjorn film

Cast: Carlos Montenegro, Jean Franko, Rocky Oliveira, Daniel Martin, Pedro Andreas, Matthias Vannelli, David Vega, Tommy Alvarez, Murat Cipiere, Carlos Dispone, Ricardo Safado, Peter Pauer, Alex Ferrari, Fabian Andrade, Tibor Cernan, Peter Berg , Tony Duke, Jorge Ballantinos, Jordi Casal, Alex Brinsky


At this point in his long, innovative, and completely successful career, no one should doubt that the great Kristen Bjorn understands structure, and how to build a scene to a crashing climax. In "El Rancho," he outdoes himself, creating an almost symphonic opening act, in which stunner Carlos Montenegro is elevated to center stage. Carlos, naked in bed next to his sexually frustrated wife, dreams only of the hombres who he sees on his horse ranch, and not her. It's easy to understand the poor lady's dilemma. This quintet of handsome, muscular, typically Bjorn-gorgeous men, perform in pairs and threes and the action is anything but repetitive or formulaic.

Jean Franko and his paramour Tommy Alvarez bring us the first cum-shots, delivered after a brief oral encounter, and Tommy blasts his like a rocket shot, an action he repeats later after some highly athletic fucking. Elsewhere, dark and handsome Murat Cipiere and beautiful Carlos Dispone are sucking and fucking their way to glory, and the scene ends with a hot sit-fuck delivered compliments of Carlos's enormous cock. Next, the other Carlos (Montenegro) gets some of that man-meat he's hungry for, in the form or blond hottie David Vega. David feeds Carlos his rock-hard cock and later, when David gives Carlos the same treatment, Carlos spews on David's smooth pecs. The fuck sequence in this scene is just as breathtaking as the opening oral action, with Carlos driving into David sideways, burying his cock deep in David's hole. Just as more cum is spilled, the actors of the preceding scenes arrive, and a six-man orgy ensues, and Jean becomes the object of a sensational gangbang climax.

The libidos on this ranch are far from satisfied after that opening volley. Two workers pass by as the lady of the house is airing out her - um, naturally orange locks, and one of those men, beautiful Rocky Oliveira, uses his seductive patter on blond Peter Pauer to get into his pants. If you were her, he'd kiss you like this, and then suck your dick, more or less. Peter turns to jelly (well, not every part of him) at Rocky's charms, and soon the mutual suck session the two enjoy has Rocky spilling on Peter's perfect pecs. But as often happens when two men fuck in public (in gay porn, anyway), the two are being watched, by ultra-hung stud Ricardo Safado. Ricardo's massive meat finds its way into both dudes' mouths, and later he blows a load on Rocky's chest. Fucking in the scene is really well done, from Ricardo's slow invasion of Peter's taut ass to a scene later where Rocky rides Peter. This segment ends a stunner cum-shot, Rocky blowing a load into Ricardo's mouth, and Ricardo leaning in to lick up the jism. And yet, the action isn't done. Before we wave goodbye to this red-hot trio, they have one more trick to show us, a three-way fuck, with adorable Ricardo in the middle, gyrating his hips so that he can feel the bulk of Peter's dick in his ass as he fucks Rocky.

If ranch life seems a bit bucolic, not to worry, there's a guerrilla training camp just a stone's throw away, so how about a little political intrigue? Plus, there's the sight of hunky Alex Ferrari naked except for a thigh holster, surely enough to warm the cockles of any NRA member's heart. Alex plays with hottie Fabian Andrade in a dark, dank, basement, but the oral action between these two certainly warms things up well. When Alex rides Fabian's pole, the camera gets an ultra-tight angle of the action. In another part of the compound, two very athletic blonds, Mike Gonda and Tibor Cernan, are kickboxing up a storm, and then they show off in a stand-up 69. It's one of the most impressively gymnastic suck sessions I've ever seen. That warm-up is followed by a tabletop fuck that is almost tame by comparison (but still enthralling). Since these four separatists have been working so hard all day, they deserve the four-man orgy that follows in a water-filled grotto. The dudes manage some truly incredible action, and as the water drifts lazily by, it's surface is soon covered with multiple loads of cum.

Back at the ranch, another group of hotties has arrived on horseback. Carlos really knows how to pick them, most notably stunners Daniel Martin and Pedro Andreas. Before we get to them, though, we're entertained by a steamy three-way with blond hunk Peter Berg, Jorge Ballantinos and Tony Duke. Peter goes down on his two ranch hands in turn, and later he splays his legs wide apart

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