The School For Lovers

Year: 2004

Country: USA

Genre: european boys, outdoors, Group Sex, threesome

Duration: 1 hour 23 minutes.

Translation: Unavailable

Russian subtitles: none

Director: Lucas Kazan

Studio: Lucas Kazan Productions

Starring: Jean Franko, Matthias Vannelli, Karel Rok, Jason, Roberto Giorgio, Samuel Dolce, Martin Dejdar and Fabinho.

Description: With a title like "The School for Lovers," I was expecting the forever-surprising Mr. Kazan to be doing a salute to Sheridan or even Moliere, but true to his form, Kazan applies his stunning sense of sexual vision to "Cos fan tutte," once again taking the kernel of an opera and adapting it to pornography without so much as a coy wink or air of spoof. Lucas Kazan obviously adores opera as much as he does the splendid beauty of his international models and when he molds them, rapture is the result. I've said it before, but it bears repeating: what Lucas Kazan does forges some of the closest connections between our beloved porn and what most consider "art."

After a stunningly scored and edited opening montage (that ends with a cast bow), the story starts. Cynic Jean Franko inquires why Matthias Vannelli and Jason believe so strongly in fidelity, especially in that of their own lovers. They agree to a bet where he will prove his theory about the implausibility of fidelity and makes them promise to obey his orders if he's successful.

As Jean was busy proving himself correct, Karel was steadfastly refusing Roberto's advances. Matthias is made aware of Karel's fidelity to his pal Jason, but then Jason is forced to show Matthias the proof that Martin has not been faithful. "All those promises and tears and sighs and vows this soon forgotten?" Matthias bemoans, and it might as well be set to soaring music.

Jean rewards himself with some porn on his computer, watching luscious Fabinho beat off his gigantic cock. Just outside his windows, Roberto is still working on sweet Karel, this time aided by runway-ready tight Samuel Dolce. Robert and Samuel disappear into the house and start making out. Samuel and Robert both posses humongous uncut cocks, but Roberto attends to Samuel's first. His tongue piercing darts around the total thickness, giving a peppy friendly sucking. Once Samuel cums, he then sits on his stomach, incredible ass to the air, chomping down on sprawling Roberto's cock. He's even feistier and more dedicated than Roberto and is rewarded with a huge blast all over his body in record time. Roberto bottoms in a headstand fuck, with Samuel pushy enough to conquer the tight hairy hole. His insistent rhythm makes sure he stuffs in lots of dick, and the warm glowing colors of the room match their bodies as he churns away. He has an easier time fucking Roberto sideways with more of an edge. Roberto has yet another blasting pop and then Samuel finishes for a second time with a long-lasting slather all over Roberto's ass.

The erotic scene Jean is watching on his computer is still going when Samuel and Roberto finish. Fabinho is a perfect specimen, with a defined muscular body, some noticeable exciting ink, mussed dark hair and a dark cock that is enough for two hands to manage. He spends most of his solo looking seductively at the camera, and he knows just how to make that work.

The next day, Martin and Karel work out by the pool. I could watch Karel do crunches all day long. My word! Karel tells Martin he still wants to sti

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