Year: 2007

Country: US

Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Daddies / Men, Bodybuilders / Muscle Men, Hairy,

Dildos / Plugs / Toys, Handsome, Fisting,

Fetish: Blindfolds / Hoods / Masks / Sensory Deprivation / Bondage / Restrained / Tied-Up,

Leather (Extreme), SM / BD, Tattoo

Length: 1:33:20

Director: John Bruno

Studio: Mustang Studios

Starring: Tyler Saint, Andrew Justice, Bo Matthews,

Jake Dakota, Jay Armstrong, Matthew Ford,

Rodrigo DeLeon, Ryann Wood, Wolf Hudson

Description: When Tyler Saint vanishes without a trace, Jake Dakota goes off in search of his best friend only to discover the dark, depraved world of sado-masochistic man-on-man sex - a society both repugnant and compelling.

With his ass propped up high, Ryann Wood is at the mercy of Wolf Hudson, who spears the gagged victim with an assortment of greased dildos and his own threatening cock. Wearing an iron mask and all caged up, Bo Matthews services his master Matthew Ford, who quickly draws the curious Jake Dakota into the mix and the three tangle and luxuriate in messy mansex.

Trussed up and locked in an iron stock, Jay Armstrong is used and humiliated by both the masked Rodrigo De Leon and the equally ferocious Wolf Hudson. Jake's encounter with Tyler is nothing like he expected ... but does he object? Tyler ropes his wary friend into his covert and ominous world with the help of Andrew Justic

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