The Chain Reaction

Year: 1996
Genre: softcore, anal / oral sex, twinks
Length: 1:17:19
Directed by: Xavier
Studio 10% Productions / Pride Video
Cast: Alan Greksa, Andrej Milic, Daniel Valent, Erik Kovac, Johan Paulik, Kristian Jensen, Libor Kamenski, Mark Smirnov, Martin Valko, Pavol Melis
Description: Johan, an innocent and cute young guy, enters a gay bar for the first time. The bar's quiet and Johan's clearly transfixed by the barman. He can't take his eyes off of him. His trance is broken by the arrival of the barman's boyfriend who is also young and pretty, but obviously more confident than the naive young Johan. At first he's amazed at their sensuous kissing across the bar and then he's jealous. Johan contemplates leaving when a gorgeous hustler walks in. Johan, not knowing he's a hustler, decides to stay to see if he can attract his attention. What follows is a chain of desire as Johan experience real passion for the first time and eight gorgeous guys join him in a chain reaction of heated passions.

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