Michael Lucas' Auditions Vol. 5

Year: 2005

Country: USA

Genre: Amateurs, Oral, Rimming, Anal, Safe sex, Interracial, Toys

Length: 2:53:29

Directed by: Michael Lucas

Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Starring: Josh Buchanan, Sabasthian, Kevin Wood, Jesse Dane, Marcel D'Ambrosio, Asoka, John Lamb, Danny Bitho, Omer, Michael Lucas

Description: This series from Lucas Entertainment might give you some insight as to why young gay men (some who have college degrees) decide to appear in adult films.

Auditions 5 is particularly interesting because of the diversity of the men and the astute interviewing by Michael Lucas. He asks the questions that he feels his audience might ask if they had the opportunity. Lucas inquires about origin, first sex experiences, education, reasons why applicants want to do porn and if their families know what they're doing.

Up first are Josh (New York) and Sebasthian (Peru) who, after a nice chat get busy with one another. The sex is natural, though Michael occasionally gives direction, but, for the most part, everything happens that would normally occur when strangers meet and head straight for a motel bed. The nasty tongue kissing got cocks hard fast. Sebasthian establishes himself as top quickly. After getting expert head from Josh, he buries his tongue up Josh's pucker and literally eats him out. Josh's gaping anus didn't need much lube - that fat dick slid right in and drilled that butt deeply. Hot sex and "strangers" no more.

Jesse (Oregon) is pale and waif-like and Kevin (Harlem, NY) is combo book intelligent and street smart. He's head-shaven with a beautiful brown body (made for sin) and Jesse couldn't wait to get his hands on him. I wondered if Kev's lover knew that he was downtown whoring with another man. 69-ing leads to serious ass eating and Kevin topping Jesse. Boy, did that big dick stretch that fucking hole wide! Slutty Kev then takes Jesse's dick and loves it. Kevin later gets fisted in a DVD extra.

Porn star Asoka (Cuba) is matched with Marcel D (Brooklyn) a brutish bottom with a dirty mind. Asoka eats ass like a death row inmate, with pussy as his last meal. Dirty talking Asoka, dildoes Marcel's beefy butt before fucking him all over the king-sized bed. Mr. A. is bordering on satyromania.

Versatile Danny (Connecticut) loves sex and is teamed with John (Brazil), who loves getting rammed. This is a great scene because both men are sex hungry and seem to be living out a lewd fantasy. You can tell that Danny has eaten a lot of ass and is a bed whore personified. His thick piece is a hole-stretcher, but this isn't John's first time getting plowed - his boypussy makes the painful adjustment quickly. Lucas gets naked and climbs in to take sloppy seconds in John's rubbery fuckhole, followed by stuffing big dick up Danny's macho tunnel. Lucas fucks the shit out of the dude before cumming big.

Lucas takes charge of dreamy Omer (Israel) and treats him like a tramp in a cheap motel. This is a pig session with greedy ass eating, cock sucking and relentless fucking. Michael is like a handsome Count Dracula. He hypnotizes hunky weak-fleshed men, turning them into depraved sex "junkies."

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