Manly Heat 2

Year: 2007

Genre: Oral, Anal, Muscle, Big cocks

Length: 1:29:41

Director: Kristofer Weston

Studio: COLT Studio

Cast: Brad Patton Colby Taylor Corbin Michaels Matt Cole Brian Hansen

Description: Director Kristofer Weston staged some inventive settings in which the guys play, make-out and make love to each other in the American Southwest. Weston created a refreshing break from the intensity of the first part of this production. It is as beautiful and a relaxed retreat, as is diving into a pool on a hot day. Max Phillips videography includes shadows and shade for the men, with the bright intensity of the water as a backdrop. Sergio Montana's music underscores the spa-like quality of the scenes. It is the perfect second act in this series and follows up.

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