Club Cruise

Year: 2006

Genre: betrayal of clean water, Anal., Screaming., Group sex

Length: 1:58:43

Director: Herve Handsome

Studio: High Octane

Cast: Ladislav Boh

John Cruse, Jules Terry, Drago Lembeck, Glenn Santoro, Adam Kubick aka Robbie Masters, Julian Vincenzo, Daren Dune, Michael Kozec, John Zorg, Otto Jordan, Joe Donovan, Jose Scott, Robert Wild

Description: Take an intimate journey through a day in the life of a gay couple's very open relationship. Watch as they navigate their separate ways through two fertile cruise sites bustling with hustlers, tricks and horny guys on the prowl. A decaying warehouse and a members-only plush athletic club set the scene for some hot man on man action.

Julian Vincenzo's sex appeal has taken him to the pinnacle of porn stardom. If one scene is not enough of Vincenzo's bewitching karma, just wait. Director Herve Handsome has wisely showcased this talented man in a second full-out sex scene - an even hotter massage table three way!

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