Year: 2008

Country: United Kingdom

Genre: Twinks, Oral, Anal, Safe sex, Group, Rimming

Length: 2:23:24

Directed by: Danny Ray

Studio: Euroboy

Cast: Jerome Reynolds, David Bennett, Sam Robbins, Ruslan Brodovich, Max Fonda, Damion Rivkin, Ramon Feders, Carey Lexus, Lucky Taylor, Andy Fakes, Casper Watts, Dion Davydon, Chose Armando, Tom Hawai, Cary McAdams

Description: Jerome Reynolds keeps his two buddies Ruslan Brodovich and Andy Fakes waiting for him before they head out for the night. When Jerome comes downstairs half dressed, Ruslan and Andy have something else in mind. Jerome gets double headed with Andy and Ruslan licking and sucking his prick until Jerome explodes a load on the two youthful faces. All three dudes cum, and Andy cums with out touching his cock. But that ain't all. Jerome rims and reams Andy's tight hot hole next, while Ruslan stuffs Andy's mouth with his own heat missle. Soon it's Ruslan's turn taking Jerome's thick rod up his ass, and Andy continues sucking on Ruslan's prick until the all explode into their second orgasm.

Next up four band mates are practicing for their big hip-hop debut, until Chose Armando pulls out his cock to slap the electric drums. This inspires all four band mates to whip out their cocks and slap them around. It's not long before all four are fondling and sucking each other off. They all shoot a load, and then move over to the couch for a group chain fuck. David Bennett is in the middle reaming Tom Hawai's ass, while taking it up his own from Chose behind him. Sam gets head from Tom, before sitting on Tom's dick and taking a ride. Chose follows in suit by sitting on David's pocket rocket. All four are fucking side by side and releasing wet loads of joy all over each other.

Casey McAdams watches Casey Lexus dance and strip in the mirror with his headphones on. When Lexus realizes he's got a visitor and a voyeur, he and McAdams undress, kiss and fondle each other. The two hot homeboys are eager cock suckers and it shows when they both let loose their pent up load of jizz. Lexus starts flicking his tongue in McAdam's sweet, tight, pink hole and then begins plowing McAdams long and hard. McAdams loves it, but he wants to top too. Lexus shoots his wad while getting fucked. Hot!

Two tough guy soccer jocks Casper Watts and Damion Rivkin go for the big score when they leave the field and head inside. These two studs can't keep their hands off each other. They start with a little cocksucking, but they get their rocks off by kissing and stroking their meat. Casper rims Damion's sweet young hole before he gives him with his hot beef injection. But that ain't all, tough guy Casper takes a ride on Damion's cock too for another hot flip-flop fuck.

In the last scene, (I know there's more) four buds hang out in the woods listening too some tunes and getting drunk. They decide to head home and see what happens. Max Fonda is really drunk by now and he starts dancing for his buddies sitting on the couches. Dion Davydon pulls down Max's (already saggy) pants and out pops a humungous uncut cock. Now the party can start. Cocks come out and mouths start sucking. Ramon Feder dives down on Dion's meat and Lucky Taylor is the lucky boy sucking Max's monster cock. All four studs make their way to the same couch and shoot jizz all over the place. Now they're ready to fuck! Ramon hops on Dion's swelled prick and Max has his ankles over his head getting reamed by Lucky. Isn't always the biggest cocks are the biggest bottoms?

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