I'm Gagging for It Up The Arse!

Year: 2005

Genre: Twinks, Oral, Anal, duets

Length: 1:27:48

Studio: Rentboy

Starring: Toby, Patrick, Inyerman, Larry, Chris, Gary, Tony, Diego

Description: In Rentboy: I'm Gagging For It Up The Arse, eight eighteen year old straight lads try it up the arse and love it! To start, a handsome young man and his small pretty blond mate suck cock, then the blond screws his mate up the arse with his rock hard prick. To finish the lads explode cum in each others faces! On his eighteenth birthday, a slim teen with a cock as fat as a beer can, gets to fuck his mate's arse before drinking a hot load. Then two virgin straight teen lads fumble innocently, but soon get down to butt-fucking and shooting in each other's face. Finally, two extra pretty Latin lads, one extra well-endowed, do each other up the arse in all positions before slurping on each other's cum! Great stuff! ..

File size:695 MB

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