Straight Chavs - Gay For Pay

Year: 2007

Genre: Anal Sex, Cumshots, Oral Sex, Threesomes

Duration: 2:41:53 (1:30:10 + 1:11:43)

Director: Christian Marshall

Studio: Corolo Film & Video

Starring: Alexander Petrov, Tommy Haine, Zhivago, Ben Taylor, Chris Majors, Troy Bolton, Callum Ash, Mark Summers, Alec Steele, Luca Darkholme

Description: Rough, tough and straight ... to bed. Corolo presents five erotic tales, showing what happens when straight men cross the line, and push their boundaries to the absolute limit.First macho businessman Ben Taylor orders an escort, with strict instructions that "He's never had gay sex before." Ben ends up with super-cute newcomer Tommy Haine, whose absolute innocence masks a down and dirty drive to fulfil Ben's ultimate fantasies. From building sites, to bars, porn warehouses, to photographic studios Corolo takes you on a chavtastic journey where rough, straight fantasies meet extreme gay desires. It's quite simply our sexiest film so far.

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