Hot Zone 1

Year: 2004

Genre: Amateurs, Anal, Oral, Cumshots, Fingering, Military, Rimming, Threesomes, Twinks

Length: 2:08:03

Director: Dink Flamingo

Studio: Active Duty Productions

Starring: Chaz, Clint, Donnie, Gixer

Description: Chaz and Clint are soon sporting wood and complimenting each other on their nice cocks. They start out with a little hand action, stroking each other and getting a feel for the other's size. The pants come off and it isn't long before Chaz is between Clint's legs woofin' down his nice, hard cock. Chaz must be doing a superb job because Clint is really getting into this blowjob as Chaz rubs his chest and works his cock, deep-throating and slurping and sucking his balls. Chaz gives Clint's cock a taste of the other side works his cock good. Clint looks so hot just laying back enjoying his buddies hot mouth. The deep-throating action that Chaz is showing Clint's long cock is impressive. ...

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