TSA Strip Down (2011)


NEW from JSM and director John Bruno - TSA Strip Down starring Jet Set Exclusive Billy Heights. You got JUNK? These horny TSA Agents are going to strip you down, suck your junk and fuck your ass. Please have your boarding passes and ID out. Then get your condoms and lube ready cause this flight will be very bumpy before you ever get off the ground.

We all know that going through airport security is real pain in the ass but if you're going through late at night and hunky Cliff Jensen is the TSA Agent on duty you better prepare to be gate raped. Cute Vance Crawford is held up at the gate by Jensen who promptly decides he not only wants to touch Vance's junk, he wants to finger his tight butthole. Vance cooperates with the strip search and gives up his sweet pink hole to the hung TSA agent in this hot scenario.

Jet Set Exclusive Billy Heights is a TSA Agent on a mission, that mission, find all dildos in bags and shove them up the passenger's ass after they've been strip searched at the gate. Talk about gate rape! Hunk Chaz Riley pops a boner at the sight of hunky Billy during a strip search with his magic wand. Billy is in for a surprise as Chaz turns the tables on the hunky TSA Agent in a twist that leaves Billy with his legs up and Chaz's hot cock planted firmly in his ass. I sure hope Chaz made his flight!

What happens if you pack a bunch of dildo's in your carry on and take the bag through TSA security? Well if you're handsome Zac Blake and you happen upon studly Jimmy "Coxx" Clay at security then you're in for a hot time of taking your own dildo's up your ass followed by Jimmy's cock. Clay abuses Zac's tight butthole with the dildo's and then has some fun stretching his butthole more with a good old ass pounding. You can't miss Jimmy's amazing cumshot in this scene. Talk about taking flight!

TSA Security Officer Billy Heights spots hunky Angel Rock coming through the check point and decides that he needs much more than a 'male assist' to pass through. Billy takes Angel into the back office for closer inspection where he plans to have his way with the young Cuban stud. But Angel is no push over and is not so quick to give in. Angel turns the tables on the muscular TSA officer who ends up riding his cock begging to be fucked harder and harder!

Scene 5 - Samuel O'Toole a Perry Pierce
As it turns out, Samuelâ¬"s the one on the bike whoâ¬"s been cruising so intently, and seeing Perry posed outside his garage pad, brings him to an immediate halt. Samuel, sexily tattooed over his one arm, is more than ready for sex. As soon as they are inside and the doors are closed, they kiss and start to get into sex. We quickly discover that Oâ¬"Toole is incredibly well hung, as well as hot looking and well-built. Perry, whoâ¬"s every bit as attractive, goes down on him immediately. Some intense cock-sucking leads Samuel to push the rest of his clothes off and Perry back onto his bed. He removes Perryâ¬"s clothes as well and goes to work on his pleasure seeking cock. Then Samuel kneels on the bed and offers his ass to Perry to lick and work. Perry wastes no time getting his face into the action, stroking his dick while tonguing his crack. Samuel wants to fuck Perry, but wants to open his ass first. He takes two of his fingers and shoves them first into Perryâ¬"s mouth to get them wet, and then up his ass to open â¬Shis tight little hole⬝ for his super-cockâ¬"s fucking. Perryâ¬"s legs go up in the air, and Samuel shoves it all in. Perry loves it, â¬SOh, fuck my ass!⬝ The sight of Samuelâ¬"s muscular butt pushing his cock into Perryâ¬"s ass is as hot as his dickâ¬"s pounding penetration. Perry then bends over the bed to take Samuel standing at his rear and slamming his dick up his ass. Samuel flips over onto his back and strokes his dick with both hands, as Perry kneels over him. He shoots over Samuelâ¬"s chest followed by Samuel simultaneously letting go on his own abs. â¬SSamuel Oâ¬"Toole⬝ definitely has a tool to remember!

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