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Ye Ha Chau. One solution to protect and enhance liver function.<BR />

According to the document Health-Medicine, Diep Chau Ha "Phylanthus urinaria" contains many chemical substances of the group: phyllanthine, hypophyllanthine, alkaloids ... will be used: Support hepatitis treatment, detoxification (treatment of jaundice, gallstones , kidney stones, pimples, acne ...), work with other gastrointestinal diseases (dysentery, constipation, colitis, stimulates appetite ...), fatty liver disease, dermatitis, beneficial effects Primary support for diabetic patients, urinary tract infections .. DHC is particularly interested in and use the most to support the treatment of viral hepatitis (hepatitis A, B, C). The fact that a significant reduction of liver enzymes in patients with liver such as cirrhosis, liver cancer ...<BR />

Ye Ha Chau Tea Company - Anh Ngoc - top quality products.<BR />

Ngoc Anh Company Ltd. we are a grassroots leader in the research and production of tea Ye Ha Chau (incisor and canine crops), understanding the use value of Ha Chau Diep - By cleaning materials, be sown Vietnamese-grown standard Gap. Anh Ngoc brought to consumers Ye Ha Chau tea products are packaged as tea bags and vacuum bag is very convenient for the user. With a 100% pure Asian lower leaf chlorophyll, tea Ye Ha Chau - Anh Ngoc offers customers a product with a bitter taste and aroma characteristics, high value uses and different than those product.<BR />

Finished 4 tea bag or 10 grams in 1 liter Diep Chau Ha boiling water or hot drinks may optionally cold drink, will see continuous use remarkably effective.<BR />

* Do not use in pregnant women.<BR />

Use tea Ngoc Anh - Diep Ha Chau daily to care for and protect the health of your loved ones and family.<BR />

Ha Chau Ngoc Diep - Health For The Future:<BR />

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