Heath & Jasper ? RAW 2010


So I thought I give you some sex on your Day of from Labor?If you were so lucky!

This is Heath?s first adventure with a dude, and he was totally open-minded to everything- sucking dick, topping, bottoming. Just no kissing.

Which was exactly what I told him he had to do. I told Jasper to kiss around him, and try to get him to kiss, and if Heath would just give in, the rest would be easy.

It got easy.

Heath is a straight guy. No doubt in my mind. But he just has no issues with the whole process and was bone hard within seconds of Jasper sucking his cock. Jasper still struggles with his gag reflex, but he takes Heath?s dick, eyes watering the whole time.

The two flip-flop fuck each other and both boys top and bottom eagerly and with skill. Both stroking their hard cocks while getting fucked.

Which for these two novices, turned out to be a bit of a mistake. To find out what I mean, you will have to go to the very end for the out takes.

Let?s just say, these two boys, thankfully, can shoot multiple times in a row!

Length: 00:22:01

Size: 256 mb