The sexy, young residents of a peaceful beachside town are plunged into a world of intrigue, secrets and shifting romantic ties when their town’s sinister, supernatural past comes alive. Softcore sex, male nudity, soap opera and horror are combined in this superbly trashy first season of a television series made for HereTV!

Deliciously trashy, this guilty pleasure makes for addictive viewing. Combining softcore erotica, horror and soap opera, Dante's Cove is one of the most pleasurable surprises to cross our desk in some time.
The first season of this series starts in the late nineteenth century as Grace (Scoggins) is on a stroll with her fine fiancé Ambrosius (Lee). Grace catches another woman eyeing her man and using her witch powers she burns the woman alive. Back at the house Ambrosius convinces his bride-to-be that he's not interested in any other woman. With that said the minute she's out the door his lips are wrapped around his servant's hungry cock. But alas Grace forgot her lovely lacy gloves and interrupts the lovers. She vaporizes the servant (too bad, he has a massive organ) and chains her lover up in the basement with a curse. She makes him old before his time and places a mirror in front of his face. And here's the clincher, he stays old and chained up until he kisses a pretty boy again.
Fast forward to now where Toby (David) is sharing a final bedroom scene with his lover Kevin (Michael). It's hot and steamy on the set (they have quite a supply of misters on this set) as the give themselves an evening to remember. Kevin leaves and there's plenty of soapy drama with the folks, but suffice it to that Kevin follows his lover to the Hotel Dante in Dante's Cove. This is the home once occupied by Grace and her fiancé Ambrosius who now haunt the house. There's a whole cast of sexy roommates, including some hot lesbians for dyke soap lovers. So to welcome Toby there's a big blowout. He's sent down to the basement where he hears a moaning under a locked trap door. He opens the trap door and lo and behold Ambrosius is still hanging by hooks from the ceiling. He manages to convince Toby to unlock him and then he kisses the hottie on the lips. Voila the curse is broken and gay Ambrosius is on the loose. You're going to need to buy this to learn what happens next. Suffice it to say that there will be plenty of skin, scary stuff and soap opera drama.
It's obvious that we love Dante's Cove and can't wait to see the next installment, we think you'll feel the same way. BTW, the score and songs are composed by Eric Allaman who wrote the music and songs for Latter Days. There just as good and add plenty to this already rich offering.