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nanoCAD Mechanics - a universal two-dimensional graphics system for design drawings in accordance with ESKD, system design gidropnevmoelementy, gears, shafts, engineering analysis, the calculation of dimensional chains. Also present in the assembly of portable version.

Program Version: 3.0.1815.1064.284 Portable
Treatment: not required

System requirements:
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

nanoCAD Mechanics 3
nanoCAD Mechanics - a universal two-dimensional graphics system for design drawings in accordance with ESKD, system design gidropnevmoelementy, gears, shafts, engineering analysis, the calculation of dimensional chains.

nanoCAD Manual provides ample opportunities for automating the design work in various industries. The system has all the necessary tools to design engineering projects. In its users - the details of machinery and systems for standard GOST and standardized components, as well as the ability to perform engineering calculations to display the results on the model, draw blueprints for ESKD and more.

nanoCAD mechanics can be used as a supplement to any 3D-modeling system to design drawings of the projections of ESKD, and as a standalone product, completely covering the problems of 2D-design and documentation.

The system is initially focused on the full support of standards ESKD. However, it has the ability to easily customize the standards of the company or other national standards.

Import / export graphics documents (nanoCAD Mechanics fully supports the DXF and DWG) can exchange data with subcontractors and customers who use any drawings and graphics systems.

CAD nanoCAD mechanics tool set includes a standard two-dimensional engineering design objects:

well thought out and easy to use interface, providing quick transition from other CAD or paper design;
Support Multiple-drawing;
a variety of ways and modes of construction of graphical primitives and symbols (including orthogonal drawing, object linking, etc.);
management of the order rendering and overlay graphics;
standard and custom line types, hatch types, font styles;
Numerous methods of dimensioning and process notation;
automatic selection of tolerances and deviations;
Normcontrol automated text entries;
quick access to the types of text and notation;
built-in text editor with spell checking;
built-in table editor.

All parts of the overall design and technological bases have intelligence and are object-dependent. If you change the settings for one detail all the related details of an object-dependent change automatically, and in accordance with their values in the database. This technology - a powerful tool for multivariate design, a pledge to improve the quality produced by the projects.

The product is simple and intuitive to learn. Start using it you can almost immediately after it is installed.

The core of the system
The independent Windows-based application;
A simple and familiar interface;
A classic set of commands needed for high-quality preparation of project documentation.

Design of assembly and detail drawings of parts
The standard design tools
The lines of auxiliary constructions.
Rectangular, circular arrays and combined with the filling of the circuit.
The use of text fields in media design drawings and standard parts for the auto features.

Design elements of the transmission
Templates bearing assemblies. Patterns - a group of parts with superimposed parametric and assembly dependencies. The geometry of the details of the pattern depends on the values of their parameters in the database, the size-related parts as well as the results of calculations (eg, gears).

Library of standard and uniform elements
Details of shafts and bearings.
Pipeline fittings for internal and external cone.

Design of gears
The unique technology of designing cylindrical and bevel gears and optimizing the results of the calculation directly in the drawing. Providing a full report with formulas and links to pages with GOST.

Pipes and fittings gidropnevmoelementy
Automatic connection of elements of the pipeline valves.
Intelligent recognition of size, the insertion point to parts of the pipeline.
Associative relation of parts of the pipeline valves in accordance with their values in the database.
Support piping on the outer and the inner cone.
Automatic cutting elements of fixtures in the pipeline.

Design drawings of the projections of ESKD
Automated Design Normcontrol. Automatic sorting of letter designations, automatic counting the number of welds, associative linking of marks in the drawing with the corresponding elements of the technical requirements avtoprostanovka formats first and subsequent pages. Automatic updating tables associated with the objects of the drawing.
Universal table. Quickly create and edit tables in the style of Microsoft Excel. Insert a graphic in a table cell. Binding of cell values to the attributes of the objects of the drawing. The ability to use formulas to calculate the values of table cells, and automatically update the table cells. Import / export to Microsoft Excel. Support for special characters, fractions, and indexes as you type.

The editor of technical requirements and specifications.
Dimensioning and tolerances.
The framework (formats).
Tolerances of form and arrangement of surfaces.
Labeling and marking.
Signs of roughness.
Permanent connections.
Species profiles, cross sections.
Designation of groups of holes. Draw center lines, breaks and gaps. Special arrays.
Universal and versatile marker balloon.
Comb balloon, causing deviations.
The positions and specifications.

Import information from a printed circuit board and Orcad Pcad format IDF
Import of geometry of the PCB.
Setting the imported parts.

Manager of the calculations.
Calculations of cylindrical and bevel gears, shafts, bearings, fasteners.
The calculation and generation of compression and extension springs.
Preparation of documentation for the calculation of all formulas and links to GOST.
Design of sections (beams).

Automatic receipt of the specification.
Create custom specifications.

Making sketches of operating
Stamped technological dimensions.
The designation supports, clamps and mounting devices.
Drawing symbols instrumental adjustments.
Designation of the surfaces and controlled size. Automatic numbering notation.

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