Macadam (Street Boyz) (1998)

Categories: Anal, Oral, Muscle, Foreign, International Cast, Twinks
Starring: Youri Sakarine, Guilhem Thomas, Rodolphe Vernier, Antoine Mory, Jonathan Prevost, Axel Altman, Karl Forst, Claude Menard, Mathias Torello, Vincent Garnier
Studio: French Art

The movie follows the sexual romps of two travelers - one a soldier, Guilhem; the other a Russian tourist, Youri - who walk the roadways of the pastoral French countryside in search of - well, it's never quite clear what they're up to, but they do get laid frequently with a cast that the box claims is all "hot French guys." The flick alternates between the escapades of Youri and Guilhem and intersperses a trio of scenes featuring Antoine, a handsome, dark-haired French policeman, who abuses his authority position in order to probe fetching young men with his impressive cock. Enjoy!..

Format: AVI
Duration: 01:42:40
Resolution: 528x400
Size: 1.54 GB