Casa De Esperma (2010)

They have a thousand demons of burning pleasures, living along their skins. They breath over a strong magnet that attracts them automatically and shake them wildly to then throw them into the guts of the most delicious and impossible sexual sensations. Nice new Latino Boys addition includes double penetration action!

Production year: 2010
Country: Colombia
Genre: Oral/Anal Sex, Twinks, Latins, Rimming, Double Penetration, Cum Eating, Dildos, Threesomes
Duration: 02:47:47
Cast: Martin Foronda, Pedro Balcazar, Francisco Paccini, Tito Fontalvo, Daro Zabala, Omar Daza, Felipe Masso, Ernesto Laberry, Eliecer Hurtado, Nebardo Jaimes, Chucho Garcia, Cesar Quevedo
Size: 2,01 GB

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