Mac OS X Mountain Lion DP3 (12A193i) Intel only | 4.62 GB
Mac OS X Mountain Lion DP3 [The installed system for Intel. Quick and easy installation
• 32-bit kernel extensions are not supported in Mountain Lion
• AirPlay mirroring is not supported with the with the current version of the Apple TV software
Game Center
• The Game Center Server environment is set to Sandbox. Existing Sandbox accounts may be used, or you may create a new account
In the Sandbox environment:
• Game & Friend Recommendations are not supported
• Friends can view games in common but not friends' other games
• Photos are not supported
• No email vetting and friend requests to un-vetted email addresses are allowed
• No support for out of network friend requests is provided
• Game matchmaking versioning restrictions are more relaxed
Some of the Game Detail information does not display (Game Provider, Pricing, etc.) In this Developer Preview
Search is not functional
No badges shown for Friend Requests
Peer-to-Peer GameKit API is not supported
Leaderboards, Achievements, or Players may be displayed incorrectly. To resolve this issue quit Game Center and re-launch

Extras. Information:

Supports only the IDB.
Install R-Drive (in distribution).
Expand the image 12A193i.arc to unallocated space on the hard drive (30 gig).
Specify the installation partition to become active.
Reboot, load from the hard drive on which unfurled and try the Mountain Lion. (Volume label MountainLion)

admin password: 123

MD5: 3ee7ecdf4e8c80f97c649a7cfc721ef4 * 12A193i.iso
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