USB DOCTOR 1.1 [x86/2012]

USB DOCTOR 1.1 [x86/2012]
Size : 1.51 GB

This assembly is assembled on the basis of the boot SARDU.Programma SARDU allows you to multiboot USB flash drive with a wide range of programs and operating systems.

Features SARDU limited but the list of possibilities is very large.
To create a bootable flash drives SARDU uses grub4dos which allows you to transfer ISO-images of operating systems and utilities fleshku.Sborka was made for himself to the experiment all the programs presented and a mini operating system Linux - tested and working. Here there are two anti-virus DWeb and Panda
and two Live CD two mini-axis Linux. In the present distribution of the folder with the program SARDU - anyone can play around the program has the option of downloading certain Osistem utilities antivirus programs - via the internet and install on your USB flash drive - working format-FAT-32. Description and video in your release.

Format the flash drive in FAT-32 run the program GHOST32 chosen by the program file with the GHO - release it in a folder-USB DOCTOR.GHO - extract it to a flash drive (carefully specify the path to a flash drive!) Close to finishing the GHOST32 - otkravaem folder SARDU and run the program select your flash drive and click on the icon with a painted memory stick! .. Wait a couple of three minutes agreeing to the proposed action program - voostanavlivaetsya boot-flash is ready! In the release two video file 1 and 2 this sequence is required of your actions! Good luck!

1.Dr.Web Live CD
2.Panda Safe CD
3.Reanimator Core-2
4.ALive 2012-01
5.Puppy Linux
6.Slax Linux

System requirements:
USB Flash Drive for at least 2 GB
computer that supports booting from USB
RAM from 500 mb

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