A very personal drama from the acclaimed playwright Kevin Elyot examining issues of tolerance and homophobia, Clapham Junction follows the mixed experiences of several gay men whose lives interconnect over 36 hours during a hot summer in London.

The movie was inspired by the vicious murder of Jody Dobrowski that happened 14 October 2005 on Clapham Common. In 2005, Jody Dobrowski suffered a horrendously brutal murder on Clapham Common, and a similar event is central to this film, which is an ultimately dark and sometimes shocking exploration of contemporary urban gay sexuality. Some of the characters are deeply unpleasant, dishonest and self absorbed. But you will WANT to watch them.

The actors really rise above the material. Paul Nichols is clearly full of himself as his character, Terry, and the scene in which he dresses for a night out is great, though one surprising scene reportedly used a stand-in. The film unites James Wilby and Rupert Graves of Maurice, but their relationship could not be more different than what they had in that film, though both were, again, brave to take their roles. Luke Treadway as 14-year-old Theo pursuing a reluctant Joseph Mawle as Tim is absolutely chilling and blushy.