Directed by John Summers
1989 71 minutes
Directed by John Summers, this video has all his usual trademarks: big-dicked, gorgeous men (mostly new actors), torrid sex, fantastic close-ups and a fondness for kissing and the wearing of white jockey shorts. The photography is outstanding, with crisp, bright, clear pictures. Overhead shots highlight beautiful butts and assholes about to be invaded by tongues, fingers and cocks. (Condoms are not used.) Close-ups of ass-fucking are triumphs of technology and put the viewer a nose-length away from an engorged cock thrusting in and out. Big-dicked top Lon Flexx will surprise you by switching to bottom after rimming his partner and talking about fucking him. There is no coherent story, but unrelated affairs between buddies are described in an overwrought letter which is read aloud by a man jacking off while visiting a friend's luxurious Southern California house. One of this fine film's weaknesses is a peculiar soundtrack that undermines the last two scenes. A hot-tub duo and a solo j/o are accompanied by the sounds of a chugging locomotive with its whistle blowing and bell ringing. You may be reduced to helpless laughter, but if you turn down the sound, this reviewer promises a more erotic experience.
Size: 665Mb

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