Underoath - Discography (1999–2010) 11 Releases | MP3 VBR-320 kbps | 1.1 GB Genre: Death Metal, Metalcore, Christian Post-Hardcore Orignal Provider --> Freshwap.com [1999.07.04, THR1008] Act of Depression [CD, album] [2000.07.04, THR1019] Cries of the Past [CD, album] [2002.02.26, SS52] The Changing of Times [CD, album] [2005.10.04, TND35539] They're Only Chasing Safety [CD + DVD, album] [2006.xx.xx, 094636744674] In Regards To Myself [7'', promo] || VBR V2 [2006.06.20, TND66384] Define the Great Line [CD + DVD, album] [2007.xx.xx, TNDVD96630] 777 Myspace Secret Show [DVD, live] || VBR V2 [2008.05.27, TND11710] Survive Kaleidoscope [CD, DVD, live] [2008.09.02, TND08842] Lost in the Sound of Separation [CD, album] [2010.03.11] Live at Koko [CD, live] [2010.11.09, TND] O (disambiguation) [CD, album]
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