Invensys SimSci-Esscor PIPEPHASE 9.5 | 203.8 mb

PIPEPHASE provides a comprehensive and rigorous modeling capability for steady-state, multiphase flows in oil and gas gathering networks and pipeline systems. It offers the power and flexibility to model applications ranging from single well sensitivity analyses of key parameters, to a multi-year planning study for an entire production field.

PIPEPHASE uses proven solution algorithms, modern production methods and software analysis techniques to create a robust and efficient oil field design and planning tool. With an extensive physical property data bank, PIPEPHASE covers the complete range of fluids encountered in the petroleum industry, including single phase or black oil, as well as compositional mixtures. The software may also be applied to single-component steam or CO2 injection networks.

PIPEPHASE now offers the modeling capabilities needed to accurately manage and model oil or gas reservoirs by developing an interface with popular reservoir simulators