Year: 2006
Country: Czech Republic
Genre: amateur orgy
Duration: 2:04:52
Translation: No
Russian subtitles: none
Studio: Eromaxx
Cast: More than 50 (!) Non-professional young men.
Description: Studio Eromaxx demonstrated what can be a wedding, when it did not take part in women, but there is more than fifty young and sexy guys. Satisfied faces, sparkling river, and streams of semen!
Queerly beloved, we are gathered here today .... to FUCK! That's right, Guys Go Crazy presents a brand-new, smoking-hot DVD celebrating the love between a man and another man ... and another, and another. After the ceremony, dozens of young, horny
hotties stroll into the reception, grab a drink, get naked and celebrate the best way they know how - with a good old-fashioned, boys-only bang-a-thon! Forget what you know about wedding etiquette, 'cause these boys are breakin' all the rules as they fall to their knees to suck some fat, cake-covered cock, or bend over and poke their tight pink boyholes in the air while begging to get licked, fucked, and smothered in white-hot cum!

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