Reader Rabbit Series WII NTSC-WBFS
English | Platform: WII | Collection Game | 4 Game | All In One | 2.66 GB
Genre: Educational Adventure

Reader Rabbit Complete Series.
One night on the Dreamship, Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion notice something very strange-the stars are disappearing, one by one! Suddenly, a friendly creature appears. Her name is Spark, and she is a Lighting Bug from the land of Sparkalot. Spark explains that Mount Brill, a mountain in Sparkalot, usually blasts brilliant sparkles into the sky every night. These sparkles then become the stars in the night sky. But something just crashed into the top of Mount Brill. Now the mountain is blocked, and the sparkles can't come out. The only way to unblock Mount Brill is by creating energy at the bottom that can blast through whatever is blocking the top. To create this blast of energy, Reader and Sam need help finding five yellow Brillites-the sparkliest stones in their land. Each Brillite must be placed in a special place at the bottom of Mount Brill. Together, the five Brillites will create a powerful sparkle that can blast through the top of the mountain. Join Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion as they travel to Sparkalot in their fantastic Dreamship. Help them solve puzzles to find the Brillites that will blast through Mount Brill and bring the stars back to the night sky. But watch out! The bumbling pirates have crash-landed on Mount Brill, and it's their ship that is blocking the top. The pirates have set their hopeful eyes and paws on the Dreamship. If Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion are away from their ship for too long, it just might be gone when they come back! The game is presented in a colorful cartoon style with short videos, full voice acting, and sing-along songs designed to engage young children while still teaching basic skills. Players will be able to adjust the difficulty level of all mini-games independently which can add hours of replay value.
While soaring through the sky in their fabulous Dreamship, Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion notice an unusual island in the waters below. As they swoop down for a closer look, a strange object shoots up from the island and begins to wrap up the ship. Forced off the Dreamship, they find themselves in a new land called Balloon Town. To get their Dreamship back, players must help Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion collect 5 musical instruments to wake the sleeping Bull that guards the palace where the ship is kept. Complete a variety of mini-games to collect the instruments so your friends can continue on to their next adventure.
1st Grade:
While watering his garden in Wordville, Sam the Lion wishes for rain. Just then, something falls out of the sky and hits him on the head. Instead of raining raindrops, the sky is raining raingear! So Sam the Lion and Reader Rabbit climb into their fabulous Dreamship and soar up into the sky. They follow the path of falling raingear to Cloud Nine, where they meet Queen Cumulus, queen of the Cloud People. Queen Cumulus explains that a steady stream of raingear is being thrown onto Cloud Nine. The raingear has formed a pile so tall that it is starting to topple over-causing raingear to fall down onto Wordville. The queen thinks the raingear is coming from a funny island below Cloud Nine. So Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion zoom to the island in the Dreamship to check it out. Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion discover that the island is full of strange trees that grow raingear. The island is called Raingear Island, and it's the home of Irvin the Inventor. Irvin hates rain, so he invented a machine that throws raingear at the clouds to make them go away. But when Irvin hears how much trouble the raingear is causing, he agrees to turn off his machine. There's just one problem. To turn off his machine, Irvin needs three things-a big, round, purple hoop; a bag of extra-stretchy, jumbo rubber bands; and an extra-soft, double-stuffed feather pillow. But he doesn't have any of the three. Can you help Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion explore Cloud Nine and Raingear Island in search of the things that Irvin needs* If you find the three items and bring them back to Irvin, he will turn off his machine and stop the avalanche of raingear. But don't delay-the pile of raingear is getting bigger by the minute. If you wait too long, it might topple over and bury Wordville!
2nd Grade:
Ambused by pirates, Reader Rabbit and Sam the Lion must race to the top of Mt. Cheesemore to recover the Dreamship before the pirates do! Multiple difficulty levels for each mini-game that can be changed at any time. Educational mini-games designed to teach basic 2nd Grade skills, including Language Arts, Science, Problem Solving, Math & Creative Exploration & Expression.

Game Features:
* Colorful and fully animated world to explore with video, songs, and full voice acting
* Educational mini-games with easy point-and-click controls
* Ability to change difficulty level of each of the mini-games for added replay value
* Familiar characters mix adventure, entertainment, and education for hours of fun for kids.
* Full video cutscenes and voice acting throughout the games
* Simple controls using the Wii Remote.
Region : NTSC
Format : WBFS
The game file is in WBFS format so it can be easily added to a HDD or Thumb Drive
Install to Drive, or convert to full ISO for disk burning using "WiiBackupManager"


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