Garmin OpenStreetMap Russia: Updated 03/31/12 [+ car Universal] | 829 MB

It is possible to draw a map of the efforts of all Internet users, owners navigators.
A brief guide to the action described here
The designations can be found here
For other questions on the Forum Project Open Maps
It will be a free card for everyone!

To solve this problem you need:
A. Get gmaptool and convert them to text boxes in upper case.
Two. Run gmaptool and throws him into a card.
Three. Go to the tab options and put a check where the advanced settings.
4. Go to the tab account and put a check where the label (labels). Select the "upper case".
Five. Go to the tab build and fill the box output file name of the assembly (mapset).
6. Go to the tab and click Save Record to all.
6. Click and collect all of the finished card to look for guidance to the folder.

Differences versions of cards
Versatile - With the search to the streets.
Car - Lightweight version of the map for car navigation. Implemented a test search for "back home". / / Is no longer going, cgpsmapper does not digest these volumes.

Version of the card:
Car - 07/21/2011
Universal - 03/31/2012

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RAR Password is: scenerelease_stuff_by_saud_1

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