Camp Fire Guys DVDrip

Country: Canada
Genre: outdoors, twinks, studs, young men, voyeur, masturbation, oral, rimming, anal, foursome, group sex
Length: 1:13:49
Directed by: David Collins
Starring: Alexi Ferron, Chris Simone, Justin Cruz, Pat Patrique, Patrick Labelle, Sebastian Max, Thery Donaldson, Tonatieu Christian
Description: Here the great outdoors provide an intoxicating backdrop for backpackers to become, ahem, fudgepackers!
First, Thery and Toniteau emerge from their tent and decide to go on a hike. Along the way, they spot Pat and Chris in an adjacent glade battling with water pistols. Pat takes a squirt, thereby losing the battle but winning the war by taking it up the butt from Chris.
Next, Thery and Toniteau spy Sebastian and Patrick enjoying a naked dip in the mountain lake. Then, Justin and Alexi cross their path and couple up with Sebastian and Patrick for a four-way amongst the trees. Finally, Thery tops Toniteau to consummate their outdoor adventure.
The quality of the video: VOD
Video Format: WMV
Video codec: Windows Media
Audio Codec: WMA
Size: 2.04 GB