Brian's Boys

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Genre: Feature, Anal, Oral, Teen, Threesome, Outdoor Sex, Vintage
Directed by: Robert Walters
Starring: Aaron Gage, Brian Hawks, Curt Hansen, Doug Phillips, Eric Brandon, Gary Phillips, Greg Torgeson, Mark Davis (70s/, Ron Kenney, Ted West, Vince Rossi
Description: Brian and his gang are working on restoring an old convertible; various diversions, including the need to find spare parts for cheap or free. Nova Studios' (well-known for hot "loops"/ first attempt at making a full-length feature film, complete with "synchronized" soundtrack.
Are you hot, lean and muscular? Are you broke? Need car parts? Check out the local muffler shop! It has a rather unique policy: "Auto parts for trade!" Fixing up your car is really cheap if you are willing to strip down and have sex with the grease monkeys! This is a fantasy about coming to grips with your sexual urges as a gay man in the 70's. This is a very sexy piece of vintage gay pornography. Despite the movie's age, the stars are very hot!
Duration: 01:04:48
Format: MPEG-PS
Video: MPEG Video, 352x240 (4:3/, 29.970 fps, ~1 143 Kbps avg, 0.451 bit/pixel
Audio: 44.1 KHz, MPEG-1 Audio layer 2, 2 ch, ~224 Kbps
Filesize: 646 MB