Year: 2003
Country: USA
Genre: Oral / Anal Sex, Bareback, Dildos / Toys, Rimming
Duation: 1:47:10
Director: Ray Butler
Studio: Hot Desert Knights
Starring: Corey Bleau
Description: Filmed entirely on location at INN LEATHER in Ft. Lauderdale in August, the hottest and stickiest time of the year. The only thing hotter or sticker or more sweaty were the 11 hot Florida men who showed up to show how it's done when the men in South Florida are in heat!
The cum flies and the sweat splatters as these hot Florida fuckers pound butt and dump load after load or hot, creamy jizz into steamy, moist holes. Huge man-sized cocks and tight cream filled assholes.
A total of 6 scenes filmed throughout the INN LEATHER resort as these guys prove they really are the HOT SWEATY KNIGHTS of Hot Desert Knights.

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Hot Sweaty Knights