Year: 1994
Country: Germany
Genre: twinks, hunks, masturbation, oral, anal, threesome, group sex
Duration: 1:27:22
Directed by: Rolf Hammerschmidt
Studio: Man's Best

* Andrew, Dannyboy, Janosch Loderik, Karsten, Kevin, Marvin (90s), Orlando (Fox), Ricky, Ulrich / Bobby Brown, Max Pellion
* Adam Vacula, Daniel Schiner, Honza Balcik, Jaroslav Jelink, Jaroslav Kriz, Lindrich Rychtarik, Marek Nosek, Pavel Palkoska, Slavomir Lukac, Vit Vencelides, Vladislav Strnad

Description: This is the story of a "Mythical" health spa and its "Mythical" attendants. It starts with two guys hiking in the woods and dreaming about "Club Paradise". They are instantly transported into the steamy surreal world they dreamed about. Max Pellion displays his awesome body and cock in both a bottom and top role in two phenomenal scenes. This fantasy journey features 9 hot and horny Central European studs. Deep fucking and incredible cum shots are featured with plenty of post-orgasm afterplay. Watch these hunks bust nut after nut in five great scenes, with a humorous ending.
Issued by BIG with cast list # 2, which lists 11 nonsensical names despite the fact that there are only nine guys in the cast. Cast list # 1 is the original cast list of the Man's Best and POF releases.

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Mans Best - Club Paradise